Sustainable, clear-cut free forestry

– for biodiversity, climate, experiences and

long-term economic sustainability.

Far too many forest species have been displaced and disappeared from forests all over the world, also in Sweden. The clear fellings and dense tree plantations are not suitable for recreation. The forest's role as carbon sink is dramatically reduced by clear fellings.

The time is right and the market is ready for modern continuous cover forestry without clear cuts.

A real forest has many different values and benefits us in many ways. There is beauty, tranquility, berries and mushrooms to pick. Lots of different animals, plants and insects. Forests purifies water and air and captures carbon from the atmosphere to reduce the climate impact. The forests provides important, renewable raw materials, but also income from the service sector for example through natural tourism, hunting and rich outdoor life.

The many values of the forest must be developed, utilized sustainably and preserved. Wood of higher quality is needed for increased processing. Land owners who produces quality wood and also has high conservation ambitions must get better paid. Profitability needs to increase. Therefore, a certification is needed. A clear, credible marking of wood from continous cover forestry.

Photo: Magnus Martinsson/N

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Sustainable ecosystems

Photo: Stefan Oscarsson/N

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Service production

Photo: Nasa

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Photo: Niclas Ahlberg/N