Ekoskog is a non-profit association, a NGO, with the aim to create a certification of clear-cut free, continuous cover forestry and labelling of products from these certified forests. The interest in new, more gentle forestry methods and forestry without clear cuts is increasing, both from landowners, service producers in the tourism industry, authorities and consumers. A labelling system for products from continuous cover forestry gives consumers the opportunity to make a more sustainable choice, and landowners and producers will strengthen the pricing for their products.

Our goal is sustainable forestry, based on modern ecological research, to safeguard and increase biodiversity, promote service production, increased processing of high quality wood and long-term profitability, and strengthen the forest landscape's role as a carbon sink. The forestry methods need to be ecosystem-based, i.e. to build on the natural conditions for the site, including naturally occurring tree species. The certification of these forest raw materials is – to a large extent – based on the new possibilities of digitalisation and contributes to modern, diversified and sustainable forestry with the potential for production of both goods and services – a stronger overall value for the future.

Ekoskog board 2019–2020

Karin Åström


Biologist, author, project manager and communicator within the environmental and nature field.

Isak Isaksson

Biologist and expert on nature conservation.

Johan Cejie

Biologist and expert on certifcation schemes.

Ulf Lovén

Biologist, project manager and developer of tourism sites and visitor values.

Xavier de Maupeou d'Ableiges

Forest manager and expert on continious cover management in practise.